Central East Auckland

STEM Holiday Programme

Tap into your child’s potential and encourage their creativity with Bricks 4 Kidz® STEAM Holiday Programme!

It’s a fresh and fun way for kids aged 5 to 13 to spend their school holiday! It is really as cool as it sounds! Step into our LEGO® discovery centre and explore the wonderful world of S.T.E.A.M.

Take your child’s imagination and creativity one step further! Our holiday programme is FUN and EDUCATIONAL that empowers problem solvers, innovative & critical thinkers and team work.

Let your child’s curiosity explore and let them become inspired through STEAM based challenges that have many developmental benefits through problem solving, team work, and innovative thinking.

Central East Auckland Holiday Programme

7 Harrison Road, Ellerslie 
197 Riddell Road, Glendowie

*check out our new Ellerslie location where children can enjoy ample outdoor space to run around and have a blast!*

July 2024 Holiday Programme:

Week 1 & 2: 8 – 19 July 

From 9am – 4pm

(Early drop-offs & late pickups available for an additional $10)

Please provide a drink bottle and enough food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Single Day Registration: $85 / Day

Full Week Special*: $385 / 5 days; Use discount code: ‘FULLWEEK’

Buddy-Up special*: Bring a buddy or sibling along, and receieve 10% off! Use discount code: ‘BUDDYUP’

* Please note that only one discount special can be utilised for each booking

July 2024 Holiday Programme - 8th -19th

Come along for an epic LEGO® holiday programme where your imagination is your superpower! We will embark on a fun-filled journey where hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths will unlock our creativity. We will use design thinking, problem-solving skills and teamwork to discover the endless possibilities of our creativity and minds! It’s the perfect way for your children aged 5 to 12 to spend their school holidays!


July 8th – 12th

Monday, 8th July

Unleash your inner architect as you build a towering LEGO® metropolis! Explore architectural principles and engineering concepts, conquering challenges like our Earthquake Simulator and Bridge Challenge. Prepare for a day of imaginative construction and problem-solving in this dynamic STEAM adventure!

Community Heroes 
Tuesday, 9th July


Join the ranks of real-life heroes on an action-packed day of LEGO® adventures! Crack codes, solve mysteries, and embark on daring rescue missions. Through engaging activities, learn about teamwork, civic responsibility, and the vital roles of community helpers in this thrilling STEAM experience!

Wednesday, 10th July

Embark on a mathematical odyssey filled with LEGO® puzzles and challenges! Focused on STEAM, Dive deep into problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork as you decipher clues in our Escape Challenge. Prepare for a day of mathematical LEGO® mastery and fun in this immersive hands-on day!

Thursday, 11th July 

Take flight into the thrilling world of aviation with LEGO® by your side! Learn the principles of flight, engineer your own aerial wonders, and explore the skies. Get ready for a day of high-flying adventure and endless exploration in this exhilarating STEAM journey!

Friday, 12th July

Buckle up for a high-octane LEGO® journey into automation and transportation! Dive into STEM concepts and engineer marvellous creations that defy expectation. Ignite curiosity as you engineer your LEGO® car, truck or cart in this exhilarating STEAM excursion!


July 15th – 19th

Monday, 15th July

Explore the animal kingdom through the lens of LEGO®, discovering the secrets of veterinary care! Dive into biology, empathy, and responsibility as you care for LEGO® creatures. Get ready for a day of hands-on learning and furry fun in this heart-warming STEAM escapade!

Tuesday, 16th July

Unleash the scientist within as you conduct mind-bending experiments with LEGO®! Dive into the realms of chemistry and physics. Prepare for a day of explosive discoveries and endless scientific builds in this captivating STEAM adventure!

Wednesday, 17th July

Ignite your imagination in a world of LEGO animation and storytelling! Craft your own cinematic masterpieces, blending art and technology seamlessly. Prepare for a day of creativity, innovation, and animated fun in this dynamic STEAM extravaganza!

Thursday, 18th July

Enter the digital realm of LEGO® robotics and coding, where creativity knows no bounds! Dive into programming basics and tackle thrilling challenges that ignite innovation. Get ready to code, create, and conquer in this electrifying STEAM challenge!

Friday, 19th July 

Blast off on an interstellar voyage through the cosmos with LEGO® as your guide! Explore distant galaxies, take on the floating brick challenge, and uncover the mysteries of the our LEGO® universe. Prepare for a day of cosmic discovery and astronomical wonder in this stellar STEAM odyssey!

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