Holiday Programme

Albany Creativity Centre

Tap into your child’s potential by encouraging their creativity with Bricks 4 Kidz® Holiday Programme, a fresh and fun way for kids aged 5-12 to spend their school holiday!

Students will show off their engineering skills, problem solving, creativity and imagination, explore the world of Science, Engineering and Architecture using STEAM principles. Your only limitation is your imagination!

April 2021 Holiday Programme

Calling All Future Innovators:
Join us this school holiday in a fun journey exploring our futures and digging into our past, in order to inspire our future innovators to have a growth mindset and vision for the future!

The first week aims to ignite our future scientists and engineer’s passion and creativity through STEAM enquiries, ranging from what we would need to settle on Mars to developing sustainable cities here on Earth. The second week will inform these future enquiries through a look to our past, seeking to understand where we come from, to guide our future aspirations.

Address: 325 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland

IN-CENTRE DAYS: $80 / per day
Full Week Special: Week 3: $375

Week 3: 3rd to 7th May, 9:00am – 3:30pm

Kristin School Teachers and Staff please use 20% off coupon code: TEACHER

This week we are aiming to inspire our students’ creativity and imagaination, and explore how to apply Technologies to boost their creativty and build up confidence in self-expression.

Race with Mario

Monday 3rd May
Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting day! Students will love to see their creations in motion using Coding and LEGO wireless remote controls. There are so many obstacles to overcome and levels to beat!

World of Imagination

Tuesday 4th May
At this LEGO Master’s inspired holiday programme, students will collaborate on their own Fairy Tale Adventures, building up the characters and scenes out of LEGO as the story evolves.

Where will your imagination take you?

3D Under The Sea Adventure

Wednesday 5th May
Mermaids, Aquaman, shipwrecks, dolphins, whales… Come build with us and see where our under the sea adventure is going to take you.

Experience 3D Virtual Model Building with CAD software as we build a collaborative 3D undersea world together.

Architecture Around the World

Thursday 6th May
Join us as we travel back in time to discover Architectural marvels across the globe. We will explore architectural possibilities, and put our LEGO masterpieces through a series of physical challenges.

Whose structures will withstand the design, strength, height, span and stability challenges of the day?

Stop Motion Animation LEGO Movie Making

Friday 7th May
Use LEGO Bricks to tell Your story, complete with music, special effects and all your favorite LEGO mini-figure characters!

In this creative programme, students will collaborate to plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion Animation.

Week 3 (3rd -7th May)

3rd – 7th May
Mon: Race with Mario
Tue: World of Imagination
Wed: 3D Under The Sea Adventure
Thur: Architecture Around the World

Fri: Stop Motion Animation LEGO Movie Making

What makes Bricks 4 Kidz Holiday Programmes unique?

Each day offers exciting themes and activities, which are sure to inspire the master builder in all of us. Explore the world of engineering, architecture, science, technology, animated movie-making, robotics, coding and 3D CAD virtual model building, enjoy entertaining games and challenges all based on STEAM principles with our friendly teachers, children are sure to have a memorable time, making new friends and creating together.