Corporate Team Building

LEGO Building Challenge | LEGO Engineering Challenge | LEGO® Serious Play
LEGO Corporate Team Building

Let the FUN begin with Bricks 4 Biz Corporate Team Building functions.

Innovative corporate team building with intriguing LEGO® challenges. Put your team’s collaboration, creativity, engineering and problem solving skills to the test.

We specialise in creating amazing events and providing an unforgettable experience for your staff and colleagues. We make the process simple and provide you with the ability to book our venue exclusively or the flexibility of us coming to your venue.

We have three core programmes to choose from, LEGO® Building Challenge, LEGO® Serious Play, and LEGO® Engineering Challenge. We provide all of the LEGO®, facilitators and unique LEGO® building activities needed to engage, challenge, and entertain for a day or night, filled with fun and excitement.

Team Work

Collaborative efforts to achieve set tasks in the most effective and efficient way.

Problem Solving

Defining the problem to identify and implement a solution.


A practical application of science to plan, design, and construct.


Transform Innovative and imaginative ideas into reality.

Our Core LEGO Corporate Team Building Activities

LEGO® Building Challenge

LEGO® Building Challenge is an effective programme that places emphasis on the motorised model building which encourages interaction, competitiveness, and puts your building skills to the test.

  • Advantageous for team collaboration
  • Create meaningful solutions to real-life problems
  • Enhances capability for creative confidence and a shared mindset

LEGO® Serious Play™

LEGO® Serious Play™ is a facilitation technique that uses a combination of personal focus through LEGO model creation, the creation of meaning through story-telling and structured sequences of active engagement and shared understanding.

  • Teaches people to think with their hands
  • Better communicate ideas, allowing a greater flow of information
  • Promote confidence in communication and shared understanding
  • Creating a shared mindset

LEGO® Engineering Challenge

LEGO® Engineering Challenge is a project that tests planning, development, and construction. It challenges both individuals and teams to work together to create innovations just like in the workplace.

  • Supports deeper insights into defining problems and determining the cause of the issue.
  • Encourages experimentation and critical thinking through project management.


Establish strong leadership

  • Inspires a growth mindset through design and critical thinking
  • Creates opportunities for leadership in team building activities
  • Empowers individuals through the expression of thoughts and ideas

Improve team performance

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • A tool to develop meaningful solutions to real problems
  • Encourages individuals to collaborate and work efficiently under time constraint
  • Enables effective communication in areas for improvement

Develop positive work culture

  • Promote confidence in communication and shared understanding
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Facilitation of employee experience and engagement
  • Develops a level of mutual understanding and shared interest

Let’s get building together