Program Enrolment Terms and Conditions

**Collection and Use of Personal Information**

  1. We adhere to stringent data protection standards and operate in full compliance with relevant legislation, including the Privacy Act 2020, Vulnerable Childrens Act 2014, and The Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989, when collecting and managing your personal information. This information serves the purposes of record-keeping and legal conformity.

  1. Ensuring your personal details are up-to-date and accurate is vital, particularly during account creation and booking. You bear the responsibility for verifying and maintaining the accuracy of this information when making reservations.

  1. We may utilize your contact information to keep you informed about our upcoming programs, events, promotions, and to gather valuable feedback via online surveys.

  1. Specific activities may require additional information, including comprehensive details on your child’s medical conditions and allergies.

  1. The administration of medication will only occur with your explicit consent, validated through our approved Medical Consent Form.

  1. We strive to provide an inclusive environment by accommodating children with disabilities or special needs, always ensuring their safety. This might necessitate the completion of a Special Needs Assessment and a trial period.

  1. Custody arrangements must be clearly outlined on the Safety Form, and any alterations sanctioned by the courts should be communicated in writing.

  1. It is incumbent upon you to maintain the accuracy of your personal details by contacting us at [email protected].

**Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures**

  1. When dropping off or collecting your child from activities, it is imperative to sign them in/out. Authorization for collection must be granted only to designated individuals.

  1. We may require photo identification for child pick-up.

  1. We uphold the right to withhold a child’s release if an individual appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or poses a risk to safety.

**Absences, Booking Changes, and Cancellations**


  1. The prompt notification of absences is crucial to guarantee your child’s safety.

  1. For After School Programmes, absences should be reported by 2:00 pm on the day in question.

3. For Holiday Programmes, notifications should be made by 7:30 am on the day of the absence.  

4.Sick days supported by a medical certificate will be credited.

*Booking Changes:*

  1. Requests to alter bookings must be submitted in writing to [email protected] with a minimum notice of 24 hours.

*Booking Cancellations:*

  1. To avoid charges or to receive a credit/refund, written notifications must reach us at [email protected] at least 3 working days before the session.

**Cancelled or Merged Programmes**

  1. In cases of programme cancellations or mergers, you have multiple options: transferring to another site or programme, obtaining credit, or receiving a refund.

**Fees and Payments**

  1. Detailed information about programme costs, payment terms, and discounts is available during booking. Payment becomes due upon confirmation of your booking.

  1. Payment methods encompass online payments, direct bank transfers, or credit card transactions. We do not accept cash or checks at our sites.

  1. For credit card payments, please be aware that surcharge fees are applied and are included in your payment. If a refund is initiated, the refunded amount will be adjusted to account for the applicable surcharge fees, which will be deducted from your credit card account.

  1. Should you apply for a WINZ/Oranga Tamariki/AAC subsidy, you are required to furnish us with your WINZ/OT/ACC customer number and settle any non-subsidized fees prior to the programme’s commencement.

  1. The responsibility for payment rests solely with you, and we do not engage in split payment arrangements.

  1. Ensuring that your account remains current is vital to avoid booking cancellations. Please note outstanding amounts, which remain unpaid, will be subject to interest of 2% per month of the remaining account balance once the invoice reaches 30 days overdue.

  1. Unpaid balances may be referred to a debt collection agency, incurring additional costs that will be added to your outstanding balance.

  1. An early drop-off/late pickup policy is in place, entailing charges of $1 per minute, with short sessions extended beyond 15 minutes being billed as long sessions.

  1. No refunds or credits are granted for absences, public holidays, or “Teacher only days,” except where explicitly specified.

**Health and Safety**

  1. First aid is administered for minor injuries, and parents are promptly notified. In severe cases, ambulance services may be summoned.

  1. Regardless of severity, all head injuries incurred by your child are reported to parents.

  1. Accidents and incidents are meticulously documented and subjected to thorough review procedures.

  1. To protect your child from sun exposure during outdoor activities, we apply sunscreen. However, refusal to comply may result in restricted outdoor play.

  1. If a child is suspected of having a contagious illness or experiences diarrhea or vomiting, we request that you withdraw them from the programme until they are medically cleared. You are also obligated to promptly notify us if an infectious illness is confirmed. We may require a medical clearance certificate before readmitting the child to the programme.

  1. When you provide an approved Medical Consent Form, we meticulously adhere to the medication administration process, ensuring precise dosages as specified in the form. Every administration is formally recorded. In the event of medication cessation or alteration, a new Medical Consent Form must be submitted.

  1. If your child needs to self-administer medication, such as an asthma inhaler or epi-pen, a “Self-Medication Form” must be supplied to us. The medication should be provided and securely stored with us until required. Please note that we cannot access any medications stored by the school on behalf of your child.

  1. Our programmes adhere to a comprehensive child protection policy, which encompasses the reporting of any suspected child abuse to the relevant authorities. This policy is prominently displayed at our sites and is accessible on our website.

  1. Children are

 transported on day trips during Holiday Programmes via reputable commercial bus companies. Parental consent is required for such trips. Transportation of children from schools to After School Programmes is either conducted by a reputable commercial bus company or a Bricks4Kidz Hamilton approved staff member with a valid license, using a recognizable Bricks4Kidz Hamilton vehicle.

  1. All our sites maintain an onsite Hazard Register, which you are entitled to review at any time.

  1. We diligently observe food handling safety regulations and certifications for our staff. Our sites comply with the NZ Food Act 2014 and undergo annual external audits for compliance with our Food Control Plan. While we take every reasonable precaution to minimize cross-contamination risks, we cannot guarantee an entirely allergy-free environment.

  1. In civil emergencies, children are retained at the collection site until all guardians arrive for pickup. In the event of necessary relocation, we will notify caregivers via phone or messaging.

  1. In situations where the site location undergoes a safety-related shutdown, we will follow the instructions of the lead emergency service agency and refrain from releasing children until expressly advised by the lead agency that it is safe to do so.

  1. We adhere to all ‘Public Health Measures’ as issued by the Ministry of Health in response to outbreaks of contagious diseases, epidemics, or pandemics, including but not limited to COVID-19 and its variants. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any activity or programme in response to a Ministry of Health Exposure Notification or other Public Health Mandate. For further information regarding Bricks4Kidz Hamilton’s COVID-19 Protection Framework, please refer to: https://www.bricks4kidz.co.nz/hamilton-north/covid-19-updates/

**Photographic and Video Images**

  1. Headshots may be taken for identification purposes, and photos/videos of children participating in programme activities may be utilized for training and promotional materials unless expressly denied during the enrolment process.

  1. Unless explicitly denied during enrolment, consent is granted for the use of images in marketing materials, both in printed and digital formats, including on social media platforms.


  1. We retain the right to exclude children whose behavior jeopardizes safety, in accordance with our Behavior Management Policy.

  1. Should a child on a Behavior Management Plan violate its provisions, immediate exclusion from the activity or programme may ensue.

  1. In the event of exclusion, you are responsible for arranging the prompt collection of your child.

  1. In cases where a parent, caregiver, or authorized collection person exhibits behavior that compromises the safety of our staff, children, or the Bricks4Kidz Hamilton programme as a whole, we reserve the sole discretion to refuse or rescind enrolment, effective immediately.

**Social Media-Based Competitions**

  1. Periodically, we may organize competitions and promotions on various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram. These initiatives are not endorsed or sponsored by the respective platform providers and are conducted independently.


  1. We value all feedback, both positive and critical, and maintain a well-defined complaint procedure that can be accessed on our website.


  1. All our staff undergo police vetting and receive training to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our programmes. We take all reasonable and practical measures to maintain a safe environment in compliance with our policies and New Zealand legislation. Consequently, neither Bricks4Kidz Hamilton nor any of its employees or contractors shall bear personal liability for any consequences resulting from any actions or omissions during any activity or programme, provided that all reasonable and practical steps have been taken in accordance with our policies and relevant New Zealand laws.

  1. We are not liable for the loss or damage of personal items in the possession of your child.

  1. Costs associated with the repair or replacement of materials or property damage caused by a child will be the responsibility of the child’s caregiver and will be added to the caregiver’s account.

  1. By acknowledging these Terms and Conditions and subsequently enrolling your child in a Bricks4Kidz Hamilton programme, you confirm the accuracy of all information provided, declare your understanding of these Terms and Conditions, and agree to abide by them, as well as all our policies and procedures. Our policies and procedures manual is available at each of our sites for your perusal. Furthermore, you acknowledge that any breach of the Terms and Conditions outlined herein may result in the suspension or termination of enrolment, relieving Bricks4Kidz Hamilton of all further obligations under these terms and conditions. Bricks4Kidz Hamilton shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or associated costs incurred by you as a result of Bricks4Kidz Hamilton exercising its rights under this clause.