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Bricks 4 Kidz believes learning should be fun, so we always make sure it is. Our STEAM-based activities for kids run on the idea that every child can be a scientist or engineer. Using LEGO® Bricks, our classes, parties and workshops explore real-world concepts related to physical science, engineering and technology, giving kids a chance to understand the forces and designs that power our world.

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After School STEAM Enrichment Classes

STEAM programmes provided at schools and community venues

Bricks 4 Kidz® After-School Enrichment Classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® Bricks to deliver a high quality of educational play. Kids experience the hands-on fun of model-building, from concept to completion.

Online STEAM Programmes

Continue to learn and grow anywhere in New Zealand

Bricks 4 Kidz® Online Programmes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® Bricks to deliver Hands-on STEAM Learning. In our diverse selection of virtual classes students are inspired and empowered.

STEAM Holiday Programme

A fresh and fun way for kids ages 5-13 to spend their school holiday

Tap into your child’s potential by encouraging their creativity with Bricks 4 Kidz® Holiday Programme, a fresh and fun way for kids ages 5-13 to spend their school holiday!

Birthday Parties

Hosted in at a Creativity Centre, party venue or within homes 

The timeless fun LEGO® Bricks is sure to be a crowd pleaser for boys and girls from pre-school to pre-teen. Build timeless memories as we customise and theme the Birthday Party with LEGO®.

In-School STEAM Programmes

Bricks 4 Kidz provides support for STEAM learning in the classroom

Bricks 4 Kidz brings curriculum supporting workshops to New Zealand classrooms. The curriculum has been adapted from the global curriculum to focus on the New Zealand curriculum key competencies and core values.

Creativity Centre Programmes

Unique programmes exclusively available at our Creativity Centres

Become immersed in all that our programmes have to offer in an inspiring space that fosters learning and Creativity. Many new programmes are launched in our Creativity Centres which offers a unique opportunity for our students.

Corporate & On-site Programmes

On-Site & Workplace Programmes

Workplace school holiday and on-site STEAM programmes

We offer on-site programmes and activities in partnership with other orgaisations and corporates. These range from shopping centres, add-ons to childcare service as well as on-site holiday programmes with corporates at their premises. 

Corporate Events & Services

Offering Bricks 4 Biz and LEGO® SeriousPlay team building activities

Bricks 4 Biz uses LEGO® to provide fun, interactive and productive team building experiences to businesses of all sizes. The Bricks 4 Biz experience is tailored to meet the team’s specific needs and focuses on developing problem solving and improving communication.

Events & Functions

Kids & Family Events

Kidz Night Out, occational events, festivals and more

Bricks 4 Kidz hosts Mother’s Day, Halloween and Easter events for our communities. These popular events are a fun way to learn about our programmes or simply join in on fun activities.

Adult Community & Social Events

Senior Citizen Programmes, Bubbles & Build and Brew & Build

Bricks 4 Kidz @ Heart provides senior citizen programmes to improve manual dexterity and can keep neurodegenerative diseases at bay. We also host social events for the Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL) community.