Online Holiday Programmer For April 2020

Lights, camera, LEGO® action! Use LEGO® bricks to tell YOUR story, complete with music, special effects and all your favourite LEGO® characters! In our Bricks 4 Kidz Virtual Classroom, children get the chance to share and present to their online classmates, facilitating social connection in this holiday.

In this exciting five-day workshop, children will investigate the various roles within a Film Production Team. Children will take on each role as they learn (Junior class) and develop (Advanced class) their movie making skills.

  • Day 1: Screenwriting & Production Design – exploring the steps from the first idea to storyboards.
  • Day 2: Art Director & Costume Design – developing the storyboards into sets and characters.
  • Day 3: Cinematography – Looking at lighting and movement in a stop motion animation.
  • Day 4: Editing – Effectively using sound and special effects.
  • Day 5: Directing and Producing – Combining the skills developed over the week into a final project.

Whenuapai School Class

  • Every Wednesday of Term 2 from April 29 – July 1      
  • 3pm-4.30pm
    Junior Robotics (Year 0-4)
10 weeks @ $35pw FIRST WEEK FREE (cost $350)
  • Every Monday of Term 2 from May 4 – June 29     
  • 3pm-4pm
Motorised Model Building (Junior class Year 0-3 & Senior class Year 4-6)
8 weeks @$25pw , exclusive 1 June Queen’s Birthday (cost $200)
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Hobsonville School Class

  • Every Monday of Term 1 from March 9 – April 6     
  • 3.15pm-4.45pm
    Junior Robotics (Year 0-4)
5 weeks @ $35pw FIRST WEEK FREE (cost $140)
  • Every Thursday of Term 1 from March 12 – April 9     
  • 3.15pm-4.15pm
Motorised Model Building (Junior class Year 0-3 & Senior class Year 4-6)
5 weeks @$25pw FIRST WEEK FREE (cost $100)

Oratia primary School Class

  • Every Wednesday of Term 1 from Feb 12 – April 8   
  • 3.10pm-4.40pm
    Junior Robotics (Year 0-4)
9 weeks @ $35pw FIRST WEEK FREE (cost $280)
  • Every Tuesday of Term 1 from Feb 11 – April 7           
  • 3.10pm-4.10pm
Motorised Model Building (Junior class Year 0-3 & Senior class Year 4-6)
9 weeks @$25pw FIRST WEEK FREE (cost $200)

Hobsonville Point Primary School Class

Every Friday of Term 1 from Feb 7 – April 10
Motorised Model Building (Junior class Year 0-3 & Senior class Year 4-6)
10 weeks @$25pw  (cost $250)

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