Holiday Programme – Silverdale Centre

Tap into your child’s potential by encouraging their creativity with Bricks 4 Kidz® Holiday Programme, a fresh and fun way for kids aged 5-12 to spend their school holiday!

Students will show off their engineering skills, problem solving, creativity and imagination, explore the world of Science, Engineering and Architecture using STEAM principles. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Apply for Buddy-Up April 2022 STEAM Holiday Programme

If you’re looking for a hands-on STEAM holiday programme for kids, Bricks 4 Kidz January holiday programme is for you! We seek to combine fun team-building and memory-making with learning, discovery and innovation. We provide invaluable opportunities for students to build upon skills such as reading, writing, research and problem-solving. Children have the luxury to build their own LEGO® builds and embrace their creativity through our loved creative challenges.

Silverdale Focus Education Centre

From 9:00am to 4:00pm

Single Day Registration: $80/Day

Full Week Special: $300/for the full four days

Buddy Up Special – 10% off: $72/Day or $288/week  (Press the button below and receive a further 10% discount when you and a friend sign up together)

Please bring morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a drink bottle.

Get in fast!  Limited spaces available!

April Holiday Programme Theme: Famous ADVENTURERS & INVENTORS

This April, our holiday programme will lead to the discovery of how these great Adventurers and Inventors pioneered the modern world. These famous icons followed their dreams and in doing so, changed our lives forever.

Our young students will no doubt become inspired and will open their minds to a broader vision of the future. Along the way, they will develop a growth mindset, innovative and critical thinking.

With Bricks 4 Kidz your children will begin to cultivate their dreams and become the inventors and adventurers of tomorrow!


Silverdale Centre Holiday Programme

Tuesday, 19 – Friday, 22 April 2022

Imagine our world several hundred years ago. A time before television and internet search engines, a time of mystery, where we didn’t know about other continents, cultures, languages and animals, other than those that were local to us. This was the great age of the Explorers, courageous adventurers that charted unknown territory to bring us news of the great beyond….


Happy Easter!

Monday, 18th April



Mariner: Zheng He

Tuesday, 19th April

Join us on a fifteenth century voyage of discovery! At our Mariner Day we will build our way through the adventures of one of the greatest admirals in history.

Aviator: Jean Batten

Wednesday, 20th April

Flying gave our explorers a new perspective. Build with us as we discover the contribution this New Zealand local made to global aviation history.

Mountaineer: Sir Edmund Hillary

Thursday, 21st April

Sir Edmund Hillary is a legend when it comes to exploring extreme landscape, Join us as we build the adventures of the first explorer to conquer the three poles challenge.

Marvel Man: Stan Lee

Friday, 22nd April

Dress up as your favourite superhero and join us us on an action packed Lego adventure look at the lead creator of Marvel Comics. Dress up Day!

Week 1- Adventurers

Tuesday – Mariner: Zheng He

Wednesday – Aviator: Jean Batten

Thursday –  Mountaineer: Sir Edmund Hillary

Friday – Marvel Man: Stan Lee


Tuesday, 26 – Friday, 29 April 2022

What is an inventor? How have inventions changed history? What ancient inventions are still in use today? What can we invent using past inventions as inspiration? What would life look like today, if humans were not an inventing species? Join us as we investigate, imagine, and invent in this weeks focus on Inventors.


Monday, 25th April

Da Vinci

Tuesday, 26th April

Leonardo Da Vinci – painter, sculptor, architect, poet, composer, scientist, mathematician and inventor! Lets take a look at the creative genius of this reinassance man.


Wednesday, 27th April

Galileo turns our attention to the stars! This philosopher, astronomer and inventor’s work in changed the way we understand our planet and its order in the universe.

Inventor: Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, 28th April

Time for a hands on investigation of Benjamin Franklin’s inventive contributions to science, and how his experiments aid our understanding of electricity.

Animator: Walt Disney

Friday, 29th April

Dress up as one of Disney’s famous characters for this day of building and celebrating the works of Walt Disney – from his advancements in animation technology, to his memorable characters and incredible theme parks. Dress Up Day.

Week 2- Inventors

Week 2 (24th- 28th January)

Tuesday – Da Vinci

Wednesday – Galileo

Thursday –  Inventor: Benjamin Franklin

Friday – Animator: Walt Disney

Our Core Holiday Programme Offerings

Motorised Model Building

Students will experience the hands-on fun of model-building, from concept to completion. While exploring principles of engineering, architecture, physics and more.

  • Reinforce science, technology, engineering and maths concepts
  • Develop an appreciation for how things work
  • Build self-confidence and problem-solving skills


Robotics & Coding

We offer an excellent introduction into the world of computer programming and robotics that will ignite your child’s imagination and introduce them to the possibilities of today’s technology world.

  • Logical project based programming and coding
  • Design thinking process
  • Problem solving and Critical thinking

Creative Challenges

A creative building provides children with the opportunity to design, develop, construct and implement their innovative ideas. We motivate children to follow their creative direction and inspire them to build their imagination.

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Spark imagination
  • Provide a safe, enriching environment to create and play