Bricks 4 Kidz STEAM Holiday Programme

April Holiday Programme is coming soon…

Experience LEGO® like never before with Bricks 4 Kidz STEAM Holiday Programme! It’s a FUN and EDUCATIONAL way for children aged 5 to 13 to spend their school holiday!

Students get to explore real-world Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths through an engaging and exciting hands-on STEAM experience!

Holiday Programme Locations Nationwide


North Shore – Albany


North Shore – Birkenhead

Auckland (New Location)

North Shore – Takapuna


Central – Ellerslie


Central – Glendowie

Auckland (New Location)

Central – Mt Eden


East – Howick


West – Henderson


South – Papakura


City Centre


City Centre


North – Rototuna


North – Johnsonville


Central – Mount Cook


Hutt Valley – Lower Hutt

With our engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics stations, children get to experience the awesome world of STEAM!

Every day is filled with a unique variety of exciting STEAM challenges, experiments and creative activities to provide your child with key developmental benefits. Kids will develop hands-on ability, creativity, problem-solving, critical-thinking skills, and a growth mindset for the future.

At Bricks 4 Kidz, children follow their creative direction and are inspired to unleash their imagination through LEGO® bricks!


In our Science stations, we encourage children to acquire science through practice, developing scientific thinking to understand our world.

  • Cultivate their ability to think independently, analyse and solve problems
  • Hypothesise and test predictions through hands-on science experiments
  • Experiment with gravity, motion and various forces to understand cause and effect
  • Experiment with chemistry with reaction



In our Technology stations, we offer an excellent introduction into the world of robotics and computer programming that introduce students to the possibilities of today’s technology world.

  • Logical project based programming and coding
  • Design thinking process
  • Problem solving and Critical thinking
  • Shapes innovative and creative thinking


In our Engineering stations, we experience hands-on engineering fundamentals as we build motorised LEGO® models using motors and power.

  • Explore principles of engineering and physics
  • Develop creativity and design thinking skills
  • Build up fine motor and information processing skills
  • Develop an appreciation for how things work
  • Build self-confidence and problem-solving skills


Our art-based creative building station provides children with the opportunity to design, develop, construct and implement their innovative ideas. We motivate children to follow their creative direction and inspire them to build their imagination.

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Sparks imagination and creativity
  • Builds self-confidence, presentation and communication skills


In our Mathematics Station, we build our analytical skills through manipulating LEGO® bricks into artistic forms to create our 3D LEGO® models and Mosaics.

  • Work with coordinate systems, solve equations to crack the codes
  • Use problem solving skills to substitute pieces
  • Build up fine motor skills
  • Develop spatial awareness and processing skills


At our Bricks4Kidz holiday programmes, our STEAM focus is delivered through fun themes and engaging hands-on activities.

Children practice presenting their individual ideas as well as working within their teams to solve STEAM challenges and thrive in a friendly environment.

Benefits of Bricks 4 Kidz® Holiday Programme

Children learn best when having fun! Play is our foremost objective

Inspires growth mindset through design and critical thinking

Reinforces science, technology, engineering, art and maths concepts

Shapes innovative and creative thinkers for the future

Builds self-confidence, presentation and communication skills

Develops information processing and problem-solving skills

Fosters teamwork and collaboration

Sparks imagination and creativity

Provides a safe, enriching environment to create and play

Want to bring our FUN and EDUCATIONAL LEGO® STEAM Holiday Programme to your site or workplace?

They think it’s FUN.
You know it’s EDUCATIONAL.