Online Programmes

Online Programmes

solving XYZ

In our solving XYZ class, students become detectives using equations and coordinates to solve the codes required to be able to build our LEGO® mosaics and 3D models while also building their mathematical confidence.

This programme aims to build a firm mathematics foundation for our students. Using LEGO® as a tactile and visual tool to solve and express the mathematics challenges creates a positive “I can do this” attitude towards mathematics.

3D Virtual Model Building

This online course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of 3D modelling and design for students aged 5-8 years old.

Guided by Bricks 4 Kidz friendly teacher, students work on hands-on 3D model building projects and build up confidence and skills using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software (Studio 2.0) to create their designs.

Level 1 (Ages 5-6): Introduction course on using the CAD environment to complete virtual LEGO block model building.
Level 2 (Ages 7-8):  Using the CAD environment to complete virtual motorised model building with virtual LEGO Technic bricks.

3D Virtual Architecture Design Class (8+ Yrs)

This online course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of 3D architectural design for students aged 8+.

Each week we will focus on a precedent building, looking at the how, when and why it was built, and explore the Architectural and Engineering concepts and principles. Student’s creativity will be extended to use these precedent studies to design and virtually build their own creations using Studio 2.0 software, building their CAD (Computer Aided Design) skills.

Little Mathematician Online STEAM Class

We build, we solve and we grow our mathematical knowledge through engaging LEGO challenges.

Our lessons are structured around the 7 fundamental quantities of physics, introducing our students to situations where we use calculations in our day to day activities, while advancing their applied mathematical reasoning.

Architecture Around the World (5-6, 7-8 Yrs)

Join us as we travel back in time to discover Architectural marvels across the globe and explore history, technology, Architectural and Engineering concepts of each landmark. Followed by a LEGO® building challenge where kids become the architect of their own masterpiece and present their ideas, while developing their creative solutions and presentation skills.

Interactive Animation Design in Scratch Coding Class (7-8 Yrs)

Throughout this 6 week workshop, students will have an introduction to programming in Scratch! They will learn how to make interactive animation and stories with movement and choices, this can really put their imagination to the test!

Video Game Design in Scratch Coding (9+ Yrs)

Students will develop a range of coding and problem solving skills as they create fun video games. Each game progressively teaches more advanced capabilities within the video game design software, Students will be proud and excited to actually play their very own completed video games.

Stop Motion Animation LEGO Movie Making (6-8, 9+ Yrs)

Lights, camera, LEGO® action! Use LEGO® bricks to tell YOUR story, complete with music, special effects and all your favourite LEGO® characters!

In this exciting 4-day workshop, children will investigate the various roles within a Film Production Team. Children will take on each role as they learn (Junior Class) and develop (Advanced Class) their movie making skills.

This programme is not currently available. Contact us if you are interested.

LEGO Build to Connect (5-6, 7-9 Yrs)

This online programme is designed to facilitate children’s need to CONNECT socially at a time of isolation, in the safety and comfort of their homes.

This 1 hour fun programme is guided by our friendly teacher and gives children
opporunity to EXPRESS and PRESENT their ideas and creativity in LEGO model building and speech presentation, aiming to develop their imagination, public speech, presentation, social and fine motor skills.

This programme is only available during school holiday.

Toddler & Pre-School LEGO Rhythm and Build Class (2-3, 3-4 Yrs)

This online Parent and Child Early Learning Class allows young children the opportunity to explore the learning environment through exploratory play, games, rhythm, and songs using Duplo Bricks. Through our playful classes we introduce and reinforce early concepts such as counting, letters, colours and shapes.

This programme is not currently available. Contact us if you are interested.

Virtual Birthday Party

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a fun and novel Bricks 4 Kidz® party experience, now online. Guided by our friendly Bricks 4 Kidz Party Host, you can celebrate your child’s birthday with friends and families, fun and safely in your own home.

Find the full class details and enrollment process for Bricks 4 Kidz nationwide below. If you can’t find a class in your school, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

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