This online course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of 3D architectural design for students aged 8+. Students work on hands-on projects and learn how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create their designs. Each week we will focus on a precedent building, looking at the how, when and why it was built, and explore the Architectural and Engineering concepts and principles. Our student’s creativity will be extended to use these precedent studies to design and virtually build their own creations using Studio 2.0 software, building their CAD (Computer Aided Design) skills. Students will be able to brainstorm and problem solve with each other during the class, and have the week to complete their projects before presenting to the class at the start of our following lesson. 3D Virtual Architecture Design Class aims to develop Children’s:

  • Spatial skills
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Skills
  • Creativity
  • Introduction to 3D design software
  • Problem-solving skills

For Students age of 8+ Years old. $30 / 60mins class, 1 class per week. Max. number of student per class: 6 What do you need: Computer/ Lap Top